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As an EU citizen the below-mentioned legal documents are required at the latest, four weeks prior to the wedding date sent by registered mail. When we have received these documents the administration, legal and translation processes are dealt with here in Rhodes.

All documents must be original or certified copies and legalised with the Apostille Stamp

  • Full Birth Certificates (including your parents details)

  • Certificate of Non-Impediment to marry - This document confirms that you are free to marry. This is available from your local registrar

  • Passport - We also require photocopies (Apostille stamp not required


Only if applicable:

  • If you are divorced - Decree Absolute

  • If you have been adopted - Adoption Certificate

  • If you are widowed - Spouse's death certificate and previous marriage certificate

  • If you have changed your name other than by marriage - Deed Poll

  • certificate or Statutory Declaration. Please note this includes divorcees who have reverted back to their maiden name


Some countries also require a special license to enable you to marry in Greece. Please contact us to clarify your legal requirements

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